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Benches Sri Lanka, Find the most diverse range of weight lifting benches in the market today, with simple weight benches for home and single usage or advanced state of the art benches that caters to commercial gyms. Our top of the line weight lifting benches such as the TF-310, adjustable bench, multi-use bench, body solid bench, paramount bench, and life fitness bench can be used both at home and in a gym.

As we move on to commercial use benches, you’ll find a larger range of products from weight lifting benches to multipurpose benches. Weight lifting benches such as the Olympic Flat Bench body solid or the Olympic Decline Bench life fitness are top sellers among leading Gymnasiums in Sri Lanka. Work your legs, chest and arms with one machine with our multipurpose benches from life fitness and body solid.

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Eser Marketing boasts of a range of fitness equipment Sri Lanka has to offer to suit your fitness needs. Many of today’s illnesses and ailments can be avoided with proper exercise and an active lifestyle. Sri Lankan youth today are hooked on eating junk food and spending time sitting in front of the computer or TV. We at Eser Fitness, have decided enough is enough. We bring to you an extensive range of fitness equipment to choose from depending on your level of fitness. Get your hands on True Fitness, Spirit Fitness, LifeSpan, Body-Solid essentials such as an exercise bike, upright bike, ab pro, body strider, spin bike, treadmill, Crosstrainers, Gyms, Rowing, Ab Products, Benches, Strength Items, Strength Items, Strength Items, Strength Items, Bars, Weight Plates, Dumbbells, Punching Bags, Gloves and Belts and various sports products in Sri Lanka.

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